Kupanda Capital creates, capitalizes, and scales pan-African companies



We are venture builders, with an organic process and structure that can adjust to the diverse markets and ecosystems in which we work. Each business strikes a unique balance between idea, partner, and team.


Africa is unique

Every country in Africa has its own unique ecosystem. Our team has decades of experience working on projects, investments and policy in nearly every market in Africa. We use this experience to deploy solutions that are both customized and scalable.

Data drives us

Data drives every facet of our ideation and operations. Conjecture and hyperbole have driven many mistakes. We have built a unique, unparalleled data tool which is critical to our process (and now you can use it too at Fraym.io)

We are builders

Leveraging our decades of experience in large organizations and small businesses, we bring the tools needed to help build all the key components of a successful business, from sales, legal, partnerships, financing, talent and many others.

Companies & Partners




Our Portfolio


Advisory & Impact


We take on a select number of advisory mandates with trusted partners that fit our unique strengths, including market-entry, structured finance, pipeline development and Africa strategy. We also focus on advising platforms producing impact at scale. Here are some selected examples:








Bobby Pittman

Managing Partner


Queen Chinyere Quinn



Linda Oramasionwu-Leverette



Jordan Slick

Senior Director


Sean Buckley

Director of Operations


Rima Tahini

Senior Associate


Julie Neveleff

Senior Associate